Sunday, May 3, 2009

39 weeks, four days

Countin' down the hours with this little bun in the oven. Heading into the hospital tonight to start the inducing process. I'm only three days early, but that is like WEEKS for me because usually I am overdue by a week or two. They decided to go ahead and get this show on the road because of some random freak episodes where my blood pressure was high and my vision got screwy. Everything is really fine, but I'm relieved to be getting on with it. I'm tired and uncomfortable, and I'm excited to meet this new little person who was created and ordained by God to be a part of our family. He doesn't have a name yet, but I figure sometime in the next 24 hours we'll figure all that out, hehe. 

It's been a busy week, trying to get my house cleaned and groceries stockpiled and about 20 loads of laundry done. My mother-in-law came over five days in a row and stayed all day and just helped me. No one has ever done that before and I was pretty humbled. Partly because it's hard to accept help when it's offered, and partly because she did it with so much joy and love. I actually did all my errands ALONE this week, which is practically unheard of. I think she helped take a huge amount of stress off and that's why I've been feeling better this week. No more twitchy eyes or lack of peripheral vision or seeing spots. Thanks, Mom :)

A couple weeks ago I was feeling pretty depressed and overwhelmed, and when I went to MOPS I got a big reminder of how NOT alone I really am. My friends had pooled their money to get me a big gift certificate to Target for last minute baby stuff, and Cassiopia made me this rockin' diaper cake. I wasn't expecting anything so I was pretty dumbfounded. Tons of socks and little baby goodies tucked in with those very valuable diapers too. Thanks, Cassie! 

Rowan was also impressed with the diaper cake and of course assumed everything in it was for him. He was very excited about the tiny baby puffers. 
Whenever we try and tell him something is for the new baby, he points at his chest and says very sincerely "Me, Baby" That should make things interesting. 

So that's the plan for now-- I have a date with an epidural :)

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