Wednesday, March 18, 2009

What's New

Holy cow, two months since my last post? How is that possible? No, time did not stop here. Maybe that's why I havn't been blogging. Here's a quick catch-up on us:

--The boy in the middle, between his brothers and his cousins, is a big seven year old now as of St. Patrick's Day. 

--has lost three teeth so far and has two more that are loose. 

--is having his birthday party at the roller skating rink with nine other little boys. That should be interesting. I told him we would discuss who he was inviting, but that he could have 10 people. He came home and announced that he had invited his whole class because he had counted and there were nine of them. Guess he took care of that. 

--got a Nintendo DS for his birthday and didn't even ask me for help. Just turned it on and started to play, reading the instructions to himself as he went. It almost made me cry, and then I remembered that I didn't really have time to help him anyways so I should be glad he is developing independence. 

--is a little bit sassy and a lot bit opinionated, but is also very helpful with Rowan and thinks his dad hung the moon. 

--is 4-1/2, skinny, and bounces around like Tigger 90% of the time
--is very interested in the world around him and constantly asking questions 
--had a conversation with me today that went something like this:

Mama, does the baby in your tummy have clothes on?
Me: Nope.
Grey: So is he naked with underwear on?
Me: No, Grey, my tummy only grows babies, not underwear. 

He thought about this for a minute and then a slow smile spread across his face. "Mama, that was pretty funny. Have you been going to joke school? Cuz there really is a school like that where guys learn to be funny."

I am crossing my fingers that that is not where he applies for college, but it wouldn't surprise me too much. 

--is 21 months old and a running whirlwind of destruction

--there is no chair he cannot climb, no door he cannot open, no counter he cannot dance on, no crib he cannot escape-- watch out world, he is out of control!

--is talking more and more lately. Little phrases like "I do't knoooow!" and "Oh, wat's dat!" are new ones, but he's also a fan of the words Mama, Da-da, Bo-bos (brothers), Puh-ppie (for his favorite stuffed animal), MWAH! (which doubles for thank-you and also a request for his pacifier... did I say request? I meant demand), crack-uh, cookie, peas (please), eat, gink (drink), and BUH-BYYYYYE! 

--took me to Seattle for three days, just the two of us

--posed for a picture with a cardboard head of Edward from Twilight. Yep, he loves me. 

--is starting back to work soon which means that I'm going to be single-momming it again for the rest of the year. 

--plays the guitar in the dark late at night and makes our house peaceful

--has been married to me for almost nine years, our anniversary is next week. Awww, love him!

--turned 28 last week *gasp*

--is 33 weeks pregnant with baby boy number four, who is yet to be named. Well, I might actually have a name picked out but it's our last baby so we may keep it a secret till he's born. Mostly just because it annoys people. I hate when people keep the name a secret, because I'm nosy, but I really do get it. Before the baby is born people feel entitled to give you their opinion on the name, and why it's a bad choice. But after it's out and the name's legally binding, what are they gonna say? 

--hasn't showered for two days because Rowan cannot be left unattended and when he is sleeping she just has other things she'd rather be doing (like sleeping too!). Tomorrow I actually have to see other humans so I will spiff up for that. 

--hasn't scrapbooked for two months

--is trying to remember the names of every book she's read this year, and can't do it-- which either means she reads WAYYY to0 much, or she has prego brain. Probably a combination of both. 

--made a promise to herself on her 26th birthday that by the time she turned 28 she wanted to have a good camera, take a class, and be taking some rad pictures. Seems that setting goals, even in your heart, really does have merit. The only problem is now she's the only one who can apparently work the camera, so she is no longer included in the family photo album (which is why she used a picture from two years ago for this post!)

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  1. It's so exciting to get caught up on the fam! I can't believe that Rowan is talking. Remember when he was just a little guy and he laid there and stared off into space? Shoulda known it wouldn't last! And I know why you want to keep the name a secret - you've finally decided on Jakir but want to surprise me with it later. Don't worry, I'll pretend like I didn't see it coming... Love the pictures, love the blog, love you.


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