Saturday, December 27, 2008

December in a Nut Shell

**WARNING*** This is a photo-heavy post that may, or may not, become multiple posts in the attempt to not crash anyone's computer, hehe.
So where have I been the last month? Well, listen my dear, and I'll tell you...

I've been at the Lakecity Playhouse watching my niece Dakota and my sister Elli perform in Annie-- twice. That's Dakota holding the little girl on her lap, shortly before she dumps her in the laundry basket (she played the mean orphan, I was so proud)

That's my sister, second from the right, playing a pretty attractive street bum if I do say so myself... is that politically correct? I can never quite remember...
Shortly after seeing Annie, the artic tundra arrived on my doorstep. Record breaking snowfall for our area-- 37 inches in 24 hours! One day we had just a skiff, and the next morning everything was covered with this. That's our BBQ. 
And that's Grey standing by the slider trying to illustrate that the snow outside is almost to his shoulder.
Nope. that's not a bush in our front yard, that's a tree that is almost buried. 
But like I learned in that cute lil' afore-mentioned play, the sun'll come out tomorra'... and it sure enough, it did. Jarrod snow-blowed a path to the playhouse (can't wait to see what that did to my grass in the spring) and Haydn got busy trying to ride a sled down the slide.  

Haydn's school Christmas program, the Christmas County Spelling Bee, was on the night of the huge snowstorm so it got rescheduled for the next day. They never got to have a dress-rehearsal because school was cancelled, but they did amazing. I literally laughed until I cried because my son was just so darn cute. He had all these motions to do with the songs they were singing, and he took it so seriously he just scowled the whole time... it looked painful. We have some on video and if I can figure out how to get it onto my computer I am putting it on you-tube... comic genius I tell you. 
Jarrod's been off work the last couple weeks, which means lots of Daddy time! Yay them, YAY ME!!!

I briefly mentioned the disastrous load of laundry that included all of my favorite shirts and an orange crayon... yep, there they are, poor things, shortly before they went to shirt heaven. 
HOWEVER, God did use this to teach me a meaningful lesson about how He provides. After I had Rowan we thought we were done having kids and I heard about a young teenage mom who needed some maternity clothes, so I gave her mine. All of them. When I found out I was pregnant again in August, I panicked when I realized I had no maternity clothes. And then God reminded me that He had prompted me to give them away, and that when He asks us to do something like that He always provides.  I havn't worried about it since then, but I've been waiting for Him to drop some maternity clothes my way because there isn't a whole lot left in my closet that can cover this rotund bod. So coming back to the crayon....after screaming hysterically in the laundry room for a while, I pulled myself together and was able to tell the story and even laugh about it a little. Just a little. On Christmas I was laughingly recounting the story of the crayon to some people who love me (ahem, J's parents) and two days later they showed up at my house and gave me $300 to buy some new clothes. So bringing this all back around, I may have lost a few shirts that I loved, but God has worked that for my good and provided the money to get the clothes that I needed. Cool, huh? 

Okay, that's it for part one-- tomorrow I'll post the pictures from our rockin' Christmas adventures. 

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