Sunday, December 28, 2008

Christmas with the McKees

Christmas Eve morning is always spent with J's side of the family. This is my favorite picture of Grey and Haydn from the recent months. They both had matching newsboy hats and little plaid ties, but by the time I took this picture the hats were long gone and the ties we being used to tie "guys" to doorknobs. 
Row-bear, however, didn't dismantle his outfit and I got to enjoy him in his little plaid pants all day. Love that boy.

Christmas Eve brunch is always amazing... homemade biscuits with GG's jam, french toast casserole, sausage/egg casserole, fruit salad, juice, coffee... does it get any better? Mmm, I look forward to that meal all year.
Spending time with cousins-- that's Jillian Jiggs and Myles.
After breakfast comes presents... lots and lots and lots of presents. This is Papa teaching Rowan about the magic of ripping paper to discover what's hidden underneath. 
He loved his very first Mr. Potato Head and carried it all around trying to put Mr. Tater's glasses on random relatives. 
This is GG opening the collage I made for her (seen in this post)
Grey got the mac-daddy of all tanks, which he's been hoping and asking for for months now. It was literally screwed to the box and we couldn't find an appropriate screwdriver until the next day, but he didn't even care. He just gleefully pushed the buttons and whispered quietly to himself "This is what I always wanted" 
My sister-in-law Phoebe got me this Tracy Joy camera bag I've been coveting. Looooove it!
After presents we headed outside to sled on the giant snow mountain Papa made with his tractor in the front yard. There was only one minor collision involving Jillian and Greyson.

If your sled won't go, just kick it down the hill. That's what I say. 

Wipe out!
Grey was so light he just zipped down the hill with no problems, giggling all the way. 
While Rowan was initially upset that he did not get to participate in the sledding, when Grandma Roxanne started popping pieces of peppermint paddy in his mouth, he forgot all about it.
I took some pictures of the sledding but came inside after someone nailed me and my camera with a snowball. Did I mention that I dyed my hair red? Yeah, I did. 
After sledding we hung out a little longer and played with our presents. Haydn, Grey and Myles got matching rifles. 
Love this picture because it is just so Greyson. Everyone else is long gone from the table, but there's my little man having another bowl of fruit salad. He's like a human garbage disposal. 
Rowan loves to just climb up on people and press his cheek to their face. It's Row-Bear love.


  1. Yeah! You are back on the blog;)! Thanks for the updates and great photos. We just got back from MN.

  2. your hair look adorable! Such wonderful photos- I'm happy you had wonderful christmas :) Happy new year!


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