Monday, December 29, 2008

Christmas with the Kranks, I mean, with my family! Christmas Eve evening (?) was at my mom and dad's house, complete with a five course meal (shrimp cocktails, white cheddar soup, crab salad, prime rib with mashed potatoes and green beans, and creme brulee... spoiled much?)

I'd love to know what Greyson was thinkin' about in this picture. 
What's that? You wanted us to smile nice for the camera? Sure I will. Right after I stick my finger in my sister's armpit.
Despite my best efforts to keep tabs on the bathroom doors, one got left open and Rowan found a toilet to splash in. He is a toilet dweller I tell you. And that was the end of his cute Christmas outfit. Oh well, we made it through the day. What more can you ask for, right. 
My little niece Cecily took it upon herself to haul Rowan all around and entertain him, and she shared the majority of her ice cream with him too. What a sweet pea. 
Just a few snapshots of our own personal Christmas morning, which was spent all by ourselves. We actually had the whole day to ourselves, which was really nice. We got to enjoy our Christmas, make a huge breakfast, and just watch the snow fall. 
After fixing a vanilla/cinnamon latte with lots of foam we were ready!
Stockings first. That's Jarrod's on the end. I think his grandma, or maybe great grandma?, made it for him when he was a little kid. 
"Santa" always covers the tree with candy "cans" as Grey calls them, and he looks forward to them more than the presents. 
Daddy had a very meaningful talk prepared about the real reason we celebrate Christmas... this is right before he officially lost the attention of the four and six-year-old. 
Love that kid. I was sitting there watching them thinking "His head is just so little, I just wanna pinch it." So I took this picture instead. 
Merry Christmas!

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