Monday, November 3, 2008

Not Me Monday!

I did not open my refrigerator and find a four-year-old's spiderman shoe on the top shelf. When questioned about it, said four-year-old did not tell me that he put it in there "because my shoe was getting too hot"

I did not get out of bed at 8:05 and have all three children dressed and in the car to take Mr. H to school by 8:15.... okay, it was 8:23 and school starts at 8:30.

I was not the mom at Target on Halloween morning digging through the leftover costumes because, as always, my middle name is Last-Minute Sally.

I did not get bored while my husband was out of town and go impulsively buy myself an iPod. I did not then spend the next week with buyer's remorse and I do not plan to try and return it tomorrow. 

I do not have a zit in the middle of my forehead that makes me look like a cyclops.

I did not zip my child into a sleeper suit that smelled like old milk because I didn't have a clean one to put on him. 

I did not request absentee ballots three weeks ago, fill them out, and then forget to mail them in so I still had to go to the elections office today to hand deliver them.

Greyson did not ask me at the elections office if we were going to get to meet the "Pred-i-nent"

I did not wait until I literally ran out of clothing before washing a load of my own.

I did not wait until tonight to start my MOPS newsletter, which was supposed to be mailed out this morning. And no, I am not blogging instead of working on it.


  1. Oh, that refrigerated shoe...priceless!

  2. The picture of the shoe in the fridge cracked me up!


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