Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Deep Thoughts by Greyson David

While carrying Greyson into the house because he didn't have any shoes on:

Mama: Grey, you're too big for this. It's like carrying a big baby.

Greyson: Yeah, except I can talk. So it's like carrying a big talking baby.


Greyson: Mama, I know just 'bout everyt'ing there is to know about trains. 

Mama: Really?

Grey: Yeah, you wanna know where da train factories are? Dey are in Alaska, and Hawaii, and with Santa.


After hearing me sing an old church song called "I'm gonna run to see my Jesus"  he casually said "Mama, you should probly fly to see your Jesus, cuz he lives in da sky" 


Grey: Mama, I got a gooder name for your baby. You should name it "Sa-bodee"

Mama: Really? Wow, that's an interesting name.

Grey: Yeah, because it lives inside a body. So wouldn't that be a good name?


After Daddy got frustrated with Grey  not listening

Daddy: Grey, if you don't start listening I'm gonna pull your ear off.

With a trembling lip

Grey: Do you want me to be a died boy?? (dead boy)


While playing with a little girl and her baby dolls

"Mama! Kindle won't teach me how to be a mama!" 


While driving in the car Greyson noticed that the mountain seems to stay next to us (because it is so big)

Grey: Mama, God is making that mountain move again. Do you know why he does that?

Mama: Umm, no Grey, I don't.

Grey: I do. It's cuz He loves to show us His cute lil' mountain. 

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  1. Hey Kira! I was just thinking about you and thought I'd see what you were up to. :)

    Grey sounds like a real character! I've got one that is always making hilarious, off-the-wall comments, it makes life fun.


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