Sunday, October 12, 2008

What a difference a year makes...

This picture was taken last August when Rowan was just six weeks old. The little peanut in the middle.
And this one was taken yesterday. He's the beefcake in the middle that's almost as big as Greyson. Only 14 months, and he has changed SO much. It's pretty mind-boggling really. Sorry about the shirtless boys and their manly little nipples showing. Is that inappropriate? I don't even know anymore. 
This is pretty much what my life looks like right now. Watching out for tiny hands that are now attached to arms that are long enough to reach into every drawer and cupboard in sight. He has also mastered opening bathroom doors and if he can get their quick enough, before Mommy catches him, he will happily splash toilet water all over himself and everything in the bathroom. And if he's really lucky, or I'm really distracted, he might even have time to grab a nice big handful of my makeup and take it for a dip too. Yes, I realize that drawer should be submitted as a "before" photo to Organizing 101. 

So sad, October is the final month for kits at My Kits and Pieces. I've been on that message board since last January and I'm sad to see it ending. I've had such a fun time being on the design team and getting to learn from and be inspired by all the talented ladies over there. They are having a big close-out sale, everything's 25% off, so head on over there and check it out. These are my final projects with my last kit. I'm kind of in a burn-out phase of creativity, so I'm taking a little siesta from scrapbooking... at least until next week, hehe. 

That's Grandma and Grandpa Mckee, my in-laws. My little Ro-Bear absolutely adores them. 

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