Monday, October 27, 2008

One-man circus act

That's how I felt when last week when I got the amazing idea to take my kids to the city park, all by myself (since Jarrod is working out of town indefinitely), to take their picture for our Christmas card. How hard could it be to wrangle three kids, arrange them, get them to stay in one spot and not hit eachother, have them smile nicely and look at the camera, and also back up to compose my shot and get it in focus? Ha ha, silly silly overly-ambitious foolish girl. This is how it went.

When we first got to the park they immediately ran away from me and headed for Tubbs Hill, completely forgetting that we were there to take pictures. They stopped before disappearing into the woods, turning in embarrassment as their mother shouts like a lunatic from the mini van.
Deciding it was better to humor their mother and get this over with, they gave me these lovely cheesy fake smiles.
Is this what you want mom? Look how happy we look!
Greyson quit coughing your lungs out and smile pretty, I don't care if you're gonna choke. 

This would have been the money shot. Doesn't Grey look thrilled?
This one was pretty good too. Again, Greyson is the star of the photo. 
Brotherly love... aka "Let's smoosh Rowan's face"

Okay, so the pictures with all three didn't turn out too great. Let's try just Haydn and Greyson. 
Note what is happening in the background. Mama is distracted, so I am going, going....

This one is now escaping like a leaping gazelle heading for the mountains. Do gazelles live in the mountains? I think Montana has some. 
Let's take a break and go play on the bleachers by the baseball field, boys. 

Where's Rowan? Is that him taking off like a shot across the field? 

Too scared to walk down the hill, he prefers to slide down on his belly. 
Rowie's first time in a pile of leaves. 
If you make this one big you can even see the dust motes in the air, which I think is cool. 

Sun is setting, photo shoot is over. That's the Cd'A resort in the background. It wasn't the world's most successful photo shoot, but did we have fun? Yes. Did I get some good shots of individual people? Yes. Did we kill some time outside so we could go home and get ready for dinner, baths, and bed? Yes. Mission accomplished. 


  1. You are such a daredevil!! I myself have considered taking my kids out to the park to do the same thing because I too would like to have their picture to use for our Christmas cards. Although anytime I start to feel that wild hair creeping....reality usually sets in and I realize that it would take nothing less than an act of GOD ALMIGHTY HIMSELF to get a decent picture out of all of my kids all at the same time while we are at the park :)

  2. I think the picture of Rowan in the leaves is my favorite...mostly because you happened to have birthed pretty much the cutest children in the world and there is something magical about orange leaves. I think it's the fact that they are orange and we all know that they should really be green. It's kind of like a little surprise that makes the freezing cold seem a little less angry. I'm liking the photo progress though. There will come a day when I say "You know that famous photographer Kira McKee? Yeah, I know her. And I taught her everything she knows!" At least the first part is true, and partial truth is as good as the real thing, right? Hmm, nothing like a good morally ambiguous statement to brighten my day.

  3. Did somebody have a little cough? Too cute!

  4. gorgeous photos- they are amazing!!!!

    Hey- am I the only person you can't log in to K&P anymore? :( Huge hugs


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