Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Not Me Monday

Been reading this amazing blog for only a week, and I pretty much love this lady. She has inspired me to do my own little list of things that definitely did NOT happen to me this week. When you get time, read through hers because she's awesome.

I definitely did not post a list entitled "Not Me Monday" on a Tuesday afternoon.

I did not sign up to drive on my son's field trip partly because I knew they were having lunch at Burger King and I can't resist the call of the wild flame-broiled Whopper. It is very low in calories and extremely healthy, I'm told.

I did not discover a moldy nectarine in a compartment of my mini-van (which Greyson had stuck there because it was "his garbage can") and then promptly close the lid and forget I saw it there. I'm planning to ask Jarrod to look for something in there next weekend and then after acting surprised declare "Finders Keepers"

I did not go to Fred Meyer for a birthday gift and walk out with lipstick, lightbulbs, a bag of apples, and a new filter for our furnace.

I did not just waste an hour online blogging and now my kids are waking up from naps and my house is just as messy as before.

I did not wear the same pair of pants four days in a row.

I did not buy a hot chocolate at Starbucks for a 15-month old, which was then poured into a sippy cup, because I thought it might buy me an extra 20 minutes in the store.

I did not feed my kid the same thing (leftover macaroni broccoli casserole) for lunch and dinner for three days because he didn't seem to care.

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