Sunday, October 5, 2008

Busy Week

I'm going to attempt blogging on a more regular basis. Today is Sunday... let's see how far we get. Probably till tomorrow.

This week has been busy, but busy in bursts with lots of downtime so I'm not feeling too overwhelmed. My "little" brother James came up to visit last weekend. He is probably one of my favorite people in the world, and I'm not just saying that because he doesn't read my blog anyways... right, James? If you're out there and you do actually read this then you better start leaving me comments because reading without commenting is akin to stalking in my book. I know you lurkers are there, because I talk to you in real life and you say things like "Oh yeah, I saw that on your blog." So fess up. Bobbi and Heather are off the hook because they always leave me comments, hehe. Anyways, on with the post.
That's me and my sister, Elli, and little Jamsie-poo in the middle. My parents took us on a boat ride. I'll post more pictures from James' trip tomorrow (that'll give me something to blog about!)
I went along with Haydn's first-grade class to the pumpkin patch and Grey got to tag along. 

That's the tractor-pulled hay wagon we rode in out to the patch. Grey thought that was pretty great. That's him in the right corner running towards the tractor, although I apparently dressed him in pumpkin-patch camouflage and you can barely see him. 
This is the kid who very seriously said to me, while we were driving past the local soccer field, "Hey mama! Dat's da field I'm gonna play on when I'm seventy-eight!" and then after a thoughtful pause, "How long until I'm seventy-eight?" And I kept a straight face while I told him that it wouldn't be for about another seventy-four years. He nodded and said, "Yeah, okay." 

He was allowed to pick a pumpkin the size of his head, and this is what we came home with. The smallest little "baby" pumpkin in the patch. I tried to get him to hold it for me to get the scale of it compared to his hands, but this is the best he would give me. He kept holding it up in front of his eye like a pirate patch.

And then after the photo shoot he decided it would be a good idea to build his pumpkin a house out of lawn chairs and boxes. That little orange blob in on the chair is the proud new homeowner.
This weekend we've been dog-sitting for my parents while they went to a wedding. Everyone who knows me knows I'm anti-pets and not a fan of animals in general. I know, I know, my poor children. But after watching Rowan do this for, I kid you not, five solid minutes, I almost started to consider it. He was totally motionless and patient old Sage just sat there, and so I had time to run downstairs and grab my camera. So stinking sweet. 

More tomorrow :)

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