Monday, September 22, 2008

Where have I been?

Hello, sad little neglected blog. Don't worry, you're not the only thing that's been neglected lately. So have my housework and email and laundry. What have I been doing? Well.... let's see. 

Reading, for one. I'm slightly obsessive-compulsive when I have a good book, so when my sister loaned me these I kind of fell into la-la land for a week while I read them. All of them. Are they the most amazing books I've ever read? The most moving? The best writing? No.... but they are a totally engaging, can't-put-'em-down page turner kind of series with a sweet love story, so who doesn't enjoy that once in a while? Plus they have vampires.

And then after I finished those I started feeling antsy because apparently I hadn't made myself cross-eyed enough with all the reading, so I did some browsing on , which by the way is one of the best places to locate a good read. People put up all kinds of lists of their favorite books based on genre or other books that you may have liked, and I have found some real jewels on there. So after the Twilight books I read this one by Jennifer Donnelly

This one was set in 1800's London and New York city, during the time of Jack the Ripper. It was good to get my mind off the fact that I was sad there were no more Twilight books.

I've also been keeping up with this busy little man, who is officially a toddler. He is running everywhere, opening everything, climbing anything that stands still (and some things that don't), and going up and down the stairs fifty times a day. He's a beast.

Yesterday we had a birthday party for this little mister, who is now officially four. It's weird to me because I've been thinking of him as four for SO long now, and it makes me feel a little guilty because I think I expect too much from him sometimes. I watch that show Jon and Kate plus 8 and their kids, who seems so young to me, are like four months older than Grey. I guess having a brother 2-1/2 years older is sometimes an unfair disadvantage, because I forget how old he really is and expect him to act like Haydn and have the common sense that Haydn has. Greyson is a monkey. He is sweet and hilarious, but also very very active and likes to unexpectedly fly through the air and clobber people. Good thing he's not very heavy. He wears me out but he also cheers me up like no one else can.

And lastly in my little news reel, something I've been excited about for a very, very long time and have been putting off sharing. Mostly just because I'm lazy and blogging hasn't been real high on my priority list. Back in April, or maybe May, I had the opportunity to enroll in one of Karen Russell's first photography classes. To put how cool this is in perspective, on registration day I was sitting at my computer at 9:59 a.m. waiting for the clock to tip over to 10 so I could furiously start typing in my registration information. The class sold out immediately, but I was fast enough to get in. Last week she had sign-ups for her next three classes, and no joke, all three classes were filled in the first two minutes. Each class has a 60-person wait list. It's 10 weeks long, five days a week, with weekend assignments. And it's all online. I couldn't be happier. PLUS, Karen Russell is sorta one of my scrapbook heroes, so getting to interact with her is hugely exciting for me. I got my super cool binder in the mail a couple weeks ago with a little note from Miss Karen herself. I'm sure they all had a similar note in them, but still.... Karen Russell wrote my name! I'll have to put this on the shelf with my autographed book from Lisa Bearnson and a card I got from Julie Balzer. Yep, brushing elbows with the big time over here.


  1. Karen Russell rocks ;-) Love your photos!!! And so fun about the books- I found them the worst written books ever- and the topics sometimes quite woman-unfriendly- and yet I couldn't stop reading- yikes. LOL


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