Monday, September 1, 2008

Every summer for the past 13 years, I have gone to my church's family camp. They rent out an entire campground at a nearby state park, and we all head to the woods and do some true blue bonding that only comes through seeing what people look like without a shower for two days. The beauty is that you know everyone in the campground, all your kids' friends are there, and they can race around like hoodlums on their bikes and you know they are relatively safe.

We've been seeing this commercial for "cereal straws" for months now, and my broken record response is "no we're not getting those, they're bad for you-- they are not food." Well, for some reason when you go camping there is a cultural trend to bring junk food, lots and lots of junk food. So this is what I surprised my boys with. I still don't get the point, but they thought it was pretty great.

Lots of kids to play with. Lots of rocks to climb.
Rowan thought something was pretty darn funny.
13 months old now-- getting so old.
Hey Rosy, there's some catch lights for ya!
My friend Selina cuddling with her baby Kaelah around the campfire.
There's my hottie!
This is the picture I took shortly before I discovered he was playing with dog poop. 
This is the washing, and re-washing, of the poop hands.
Totally disgusting, grossie Josie!
Daddy takes Row-bear for an off road stroller ride.
Haydn probably caught 50 grasshoppers. I realize the water bottle is not the most humane bug container, but before we left we opened it and let them go and almost all of them were alive, much to my surprise. 
Play hard, crash hard. He slept in this chair by the fire for over an hour.
Angel baby who slept at least 10 hours every night. 
My girlfriends were all there. That's Me, Jen, Connie, and Abby.
Why yes, we do sit on picnic tables with our arms around eachother all the time. Don't you?


  1. great pictures-my kids always want those cereal straws too-DH got them once for them. I just say "they're not on sale" and that usually shuts them up :)

    Love Rowan's hat!! gotta hate the dog poop tho.

  2. Fun photos! It was so fun to be a part of your weekend:).

  3. Hmm, I remember the first time that I played with dog poop at family camp. I looked just like Rowan, only my mom wasn't around to make me clean up. And what's the big deal anyway? Ringworm's all the rage right now. Wait, does ringworm come from dog poop? Well I'm sure some disease does. Way to be proactive!


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