Thursday, August 14, 2008

Team Angel

I heard about this remarkable little man through my friend Heather, who is very close with his family. Angel is just eight years old, and recently had a complete liver/bowel/pancreas transplant. I didn't even know you could DO that. His parents adopted him when he was three years old (and they were just 24!) and are lovingly walking this difficult road of having a "medically fragile" child. The website, Team Angel, has been created by their close friends. They are selling t-shirts and taking donations to help with everyday expenses such as gas and lodging as the family is living near the hospital where Angel is recovering, two hours from their home. And on top of it all, his mom Sarah just gave birth to Angel's baby sister TODAY! I wanted to make more people aware of Angel and his family, and if it's in your heart to learn more or to donate, follow the link on the banner. 


  1. You are so sweet to post this, thank you.

  2. Thanks for sharing this Kira!

    Also, I have a question...(hee..hee..) do you happen to know what you are doing this year for nametags for MOPS? I'm having the hardest time deciding and was looking for ideas! ;) Thought I'd pop in and see if you had any to share!

    Anyways, hope you are well and that you are having a nice weekend!

    Take Care!



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