Tuesday, August 26, 2008

I will hide your word in my heart...

Haydn started school this week. First grade. Gone all day *sigh* My house is surprisingly quiet with one less kid and Greyson kind of mopes around watching the clock until it is time to go get him at 3:30. We're missing him, but he's having an absolutely blast. The first thing he says when he gets in the car is "Today was GREAT!"

This last week we've been shopping for clothes and school supplies, and had just one more thing on the list-- an NIV Bible. Now, my first thought when I saw that on his school-supply list was "We have a bunch of those, cool I can check it off," and then my second thought (thank you Holy Spirit) was "Maybe it's time to take him to pick out his very own." I didn't expect much of a reaction from him because he can't even read yet, but when I told him we were going to Christian Supply to pick out his very first Bible his jaw practically dropped. We went as a family and I immediately headed for the children's section where the colorful Bibles filled with pictures are. He rejected each one I showed him, shaking his head and sighing. Finally, exasperated, I asked him.

"Why don't you like these? They're all very cool!"

"Well.... I just want one like Daddy's. Black, with no pictures." This time it was my turn to have my jaw drop open.

I felt myself get all misty-eyed as Jarrod took him over to the "grown up" section and together they picked out one with large print, and no pictures, just like he wanted (but we had to get red because they didn't have black). He picked out a case, and this time we convinced him it didn't have to be plain old black just like Dad's, it could be any color he wanted. So he picked brown with neon green piping. He was absolutely thrilled and hugged it tightly all the way home. Later that day he said to Jarrod, "Hey Dad, do you want to read your Bible with me?" So they did.


  1. Kira - that is such an adorable story! You just never know what kids are going to pick up by your example. I think your church should hire you to do a commercial for them...or at least get you & Jarrod to teach other parents how to spread the word to their kids!

  2. That is so very sweet, I love that story! Hey you and Jarrod need to come over and have dinner with us, do you have any open evenings coming up?


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