Saturday, July 5, 2008

Just in case you're wondering, none of these paragraphs are related. Just me doing a little rambling. 

I'm realizing that once you start blogging, you tend to think of situations in terms of a blog post. "Ah man, the battery in our car is dead? Well, at least I can blog about it" (not that its the most exciting thing in the world to blog about, but that's what I thought). I also do this with scrapbooking. Often as my child is throwing a fit or smarting off, I catch myself thinking about how I would journal about the situation if I were to scrap it. And while this can be good, I'm also realizing that if I don't write it down right away it was pretty pointless to think of it in the first place because I forget. I have a sticky note on my computer that says "Blog this:" followed by a little list of things that I wanted to write about and never did. The Love and Respect conference I went to, the remodeling of our basement that turned my craft room chaos into a little haven, something about hot and iced coffee (don't even know what I was going to say about that.) But rather than going back to try and cover past stuff, I'm going to just keep moving forward, write more often, scrap more often. Get it down while its fresh.

Tomorrow morning I'm starting a 10-day summer cleanse, which is basically a fruit and vegetable diet. I have talked about this many times and said "I want to do that" but no one really heard me so I let myself off the hook and didn't do it. But then my friend Selina caught me saying it a couple weeks ago and said "I want to do that with you-- when do you want to start?" Ha! That's what I get. So for the last week I've been eating everything in sight and drinking more coffee than I normally would because I knew Sunday was coming and it would all be off limits. I'm pretty sure that you're not supposed to eat pizza and drink a latte the night before you start a cleanse, but it felt like the last supper so I wanted to make it a good one. I'm going to the grocery store right now because the only thing worse than being restricted to fruits and vegetables, is being restricted to fruits and vegetables that are not in your house. So with that said, if you talk to me in the next 10 days and I'm lethargic and grumpy, don't take it personally.

Here are a few photos from our day at the lake (which we did eventually make it to, YAY for my husband the mechanic!)

Haydn spent most of the day on this dock. He caught one tiny fish and it might have been a 10 pound bass for all the shrieking he did. Priceless.

Yes, that's a steak. We are raising carnivores.


  1. Kira-your kids are ADORABLE!!!! and I love that picture with the steak (I doubt that's on your cleansing diet either LOL)

    -that's also a great picture of you in there too :)

  2. Aww! These pictures are so sweet! I have been contemplating a diet just like the one you are starting. I'll try to keep tabs on hoe it is going.

  3. Heather LedeboerJuly 8, 2008 at 11:04 PM

    LOL you are so funny:). I have a "list" too but mine is in my head so it has to be kept pretty short. Loved the paragrah about the cleanse - keep it up girl (did you know that avacados are considered fruits? Selina and I discovered that today in case you wanted to know. Loved the pictures you posted, you have a great eye!

  4. Testing out my own comment system.

  5. Hi,
    Just surfin through some blogs and came across yours. I love these pics (soooo cute). I'm a fellow blogger and mom of three very cute little girls. I love photography! Check out my blog @


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