Saturday, July 12, 2008

ShaZAM is right!

Whoo hoo, thank you Jessica Sprague! In her fantabulous Photoshop Friday lesson she taught me how to take a picture from pretty good to shaZAM! Love this picture of Rowan, but with a little tweaking, it got even better. I did this in about three minutes flat, which is even more reason to love it! 


Brighter colors, really brought out his eyes. I'm stoked. ALSO, if you try out the technique and leave a comment you get a chance at winning a stellar handmade camera strap. If I don't win it I'm seriously going to buy one. SO stinkin' cute. Check out her blog (link's at the top of this post).

1 comment:

  1. So great! Ok I am trying to do it on my computer and get hung up half way through (I can't find where in my Photoshop to go for part of her instructions). Will you promise to show me when we get together next time? :)


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