Sunday, July 13, 2008

Shades of Summer

So a couple months ago I was reading Elizabeth Kartchner's blog (Creating Keepsakes Scrapbooker of the Year) and she had come up with this fun idea called Shades of Summer. I sent her an email so I could play along, and on Friday I got the box with the yellow sunglasses! I gave Haydn a quick run-down on how to work a dSLR camera and we had an impromptu photo shoot in the front yard. He did a pretty good job.

Now I add my photo to the box and send it on to the next lucky lady on the list. Fun little "brush with celebrity." Not sure what she is actually going to do with these pictures, but I'm glad I got to play!


  1. You are going to be FAMOUS!!! So glad I knew you "back in the day";).

  2. cool Kira! Like a flat STanley!! AWESOME!!

  3. Look at all of the beauty in all of your pictures! I mean the fish too! Hugs.


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