Thursday, July 17, 2008

Birthday Baby

One year ago today, right this minute, I was lying quietly and staring at the sweetest, puffiest little red face that had only been in the world for a few hours. Due on July 2nd, my little Rowan was a solid two weeks late. While "they" tell you that having the baby any time in the two weeks before or after your due date is considered normal, what they don't tell you is that being two weeks late actually happens to people. I was fully prepared to be in the two weeks early category. Four more weeks was not in the plan. But as consuming as all those thoughts were when I was uncomfortable, scared, anxious, and impatient, when he was finally here, sleeping quietly next to me and haloed by the filtered light of morning, none of it mattered. He had a wonderful birthday of 7-17-07, he was healthy (praise Jesus), and he was here. 

Fast forward one year, and you have this little pumpkin who is bewildered by the traditional, albeit strange, ritual of giving a 12-month-old baby more sugar in one sitting than they have experienced in their entire life. 
He carefully poked it and gave it a trial lick, and then as the reality set in of what was actually happening, he started to get excited and clap his hands.
All those times watching my brothers eat stuff like this, I KNEW I was missing out on something-- don't worry, I won't be so naive again.

Grrrr, I love you cake. I attack you. 
This is taking too long. I'm just going to try and shove the whole thing in at once so I can go play.

I can't believe they let me do this. I've never been this messy in my life.
All cleaned up, high on a sugar rush. Time for presents!! My very first car, whoo hoo! No one had to show me what to do, I'm a genius. Away we go!

I love you precious boy, light of my life. Your smile and hugs bring more joy to my heart than I can express. I hope that this is the first of many, many birthdays that we will celebrate for you. Our prayer is that you will grow into a young man of valor and honor, filled with love for God and for your family. Happy Birthday, Ro-Bear!


  1. So cute-such great pictures! Glad he had so much fun!! a little sugar doesn't hurt (unless you're on a cleansing diet :) )

  2. Heather LedeboerJuly 20, 2008 at 9:35 PM

    So fun! We did that with our kids too (speical cake for their first) neither of them really go into it that much (sorry what can I say, they must really not like sugar--good training perhaps;)?

  3. I love first birthday photos! He just attacked the cake. Wonder if any got in his tummy!


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