Saturday, July 12, 2008

Okay so I've been doing really great for seven days...well... pretty great....okay, okay I ate a couple french fries and I stole a bite of my kid's burrito. Sue me, it's my cleanse!  I have been doing good with resisting temptation, not too hungry most of the time, but man today just bites. I think it's that I know I'm on the downhill stretch and so my willpower is fading. I would love nothing more than to just quit and be done with it. First I'd drink a big iced latte, then I'd have the new blizzard from DQ made with girl scout cookies. I almost cried when I saw that commercial. 

In other news, my little six-year-old had his first fishing adventure with grandpa yesterday. He called me from the boat  and his sweet little voice sounded so high and far away. 

"Mom? I caught 'da biggest fish in 'da world! It cost eleven pounds! I did it all by myself... well, Papa held the pole, but I did the rest! You can't believe it!"

He wasn't kidding-- check out this monster!

 Tomorrow night I get to add fish to my diet, and I'm so excited that this is going to be the fish-- whoo hoo!  I seriously mulled over salmon for a good five minutes at the store, and then I walked away because I didn't want to spend the money. The LORD hath provideth! It 
totally built Haydn's faith too because I guess he and Grandpa prayed
together the night before that he would catch a big fish. In Haydn's
mind, anything bigger than his hand is huge. It blesses me so much to
be reminded of how God is faithful to hear the smallest little prayers
of children.... I guess that's why we're supposed to be like them. Ask
simply, believe big.

He was so excited he wouldn't even let Grandpa clean it until I drove over there and took a picture. I've taught him well. 


  1. did you dress him in neutral clothes so he's match the fish?? hehe.....looks like it-my son would probably have a bright orange spongebob shirt on for a sweet pic like that-try to photoshop that out, geez.

    Congrats on the huge fish-and congrats on the cleanse-you're almost done now!!

  2. WOW, that is an amazing catch, way to go little buddy! Hunter caught a fish today with his daddy, fun stuff!


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