Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Cleanse Day Four

So I'm starting day four of this cleanse. Before I started, ten days didn't seem like a big deal. Eating only fruit all day long didn't seem like a big deal. HA-- ignorance is bliss. I don't think it has really been *that* bad, but I'm not a big fruit person anyways so eating only that has been pretty boring. I sniff my kid's sandwiches, I lovingly caress my espresso machine sitting abandoned on the counter, and I watch the clock until it's 5:30 and I get to eat a ginormous salad. 

On the plus side, what do I hope to gain from this cleanse? A detoxified body that is finally ready to lose weight (my baby is a year old, hello baby fat fall off!). More awareness of what I eat and how many healthy options there are (I've thought of about a hundred things that would be good for me besides an apple). Self control. I have never had much willpower when it comes to sticking with diets or fasting. If no one is holding me accountable, I crumble at the first temptation. I keep thinking about all the people in the Bible who fasted for 40 days or more. Jesus, Moses, Elijah. It makes me look pretty wussy to be whining about 10 days when I'm actually not even that hungry. 

So that's today's update. Tomorrow I get to add raw nuts to my salad, whoo hoo! In case anyone is wondering, I'm also taking these supplements to go along with this cleanse. 

And because a post is not a post without a picture,  here's one from the park the other day. Did I mention that I'm in love with my camera? Love it, love it, love it. 


  1. Heather LedeboerJuly 9, 2008 at 11:02 PM

    Ah the nuts addition, sweet!! Just wait until you also get to eat plain whole milk yoghurt;)!


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