Thursday, July 24, 2008

The Big Fishing Trip

Last Saturday Jarrod took the older boys (all by himself!) to a lake 12 miles up the side of a mountain, where they set up a tiny tent right next to a three-foot mound of snow. Yep, apparently spring hasn't fully reached the tops of the surrounding mountains, and summer will probably never get there. They spent 24 hours doing "guy" stuff like fishing and hiking, throwing rocks, melting Haydn's crocs in the fire, talking with the questionable ATV riders who stopped in their camp, peeing on trees, eating smores and steak (which Greyson would not eat because he said "this chicken tastes like trees!"), watching Chicken Little in the tent late at night on the portable DVD player, and waking up at 2 a.m. to put on another layer of clothes.

Here's all the gear-- I think it was wishful thinking when Jarrod packed the guitar. He was too busy keeping Greyson out of the fire.
Greyson picked out his "hunting trip" outfit himself. At least you can spot him from a long way off.
Terrible picture, but don't they look cute all loaded up in Daddy's truck? They had been looking forward to this for weeks.
I love him so much. What a brave guy. 
This is one of the important things you learn when "roughing it"
Finally made it there, eating the lunch mom packed.
When I saw this picture I almost cried. I have the best husband who not only brought the camera, he remembered to use it!! Thanks babe!

Parts of it sound fun, but on the whole I'm very happy I got to stay home with the baby. I got my hair done, browsed the fabric store, went grocery shopping, and then put Rowie to bed and scrapbooked till 1 a.m. It was awesome.


  1. Oh my how lovely on all accounts. LOVE the censored band on your photo :).

  2. those photos are AWESOME Kira!! [and your husband is a cutie too :) ]

  3. I loved reading about this... Doesn't it amaze you when Dear Hubby goes on an adventure with the kids, all by his lonesome, without any "mommy" rules or directions... and yes, they even come back alive, happy, smiling, thrilled with the whole experience...even if we would have done things differently !! I love it!!Great pics... what a great husband you have, dear sister!!


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