Monday, June 9, 2008

Here Comes Trouble

Look out world, someone gave her a real camera-- now there is no stopping the obsessive-compulsive need to catalog every facet of their lives with a photo! *insert evil laugh*

My fourth kid arrived in the mail a week ago, but I've been waiting for the lens (which I ordered separately) to follow suit. Today it finally arrived and oh, what fun I had walking around with a big clunky camera hung from my neck, snapping pictures with a satisfying little click that just makes me happy.  Still don't know what I'm doing (taking a class in the fall!) but even a newbie like me managed to take some decent pictures with this baby. Depth of field is like magic. I've been trying to achieve it with my point-and-shoot and it has been such an annoying, fruitless endeavor. Not any more! Thank you J, baby, for spoiling me! 

Seriously, I took this across a table FILLED with stuff and it just blurred everything out and focused in on what I wanted. That silly face. Love it. 

This one just makes me laugh. He's three and apparently doesn't have the arm-strength to open the slider. Never has. So he usually just stands outside and shouts "Let ME IN!" until someone does. Usually annoying, but today I caught a picture of it so someday I can show him what I put up with when he was this age. 


  1. A thing of beauty to be sure! You lucky duck!

  2. gotta get me one of those!!

  3. These are great, Kira! and your pictures of your little guy at the slider cracked me up--my kids do the same thing!

  4. the slider story!
    Sue Clarke


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