Sunday, May 4, 2008

I did it!

So I hung in there for eight weeks and completed every challenge they threw at me. Sometimes my first reaction was "I don't scrap that way. I can't do that." but I went with it and through the process I think I grew a little bit and definitely tried some techniques I wouldn't have done on my own. Here are the last few pages that I did:

The challenge for this one was to scraplift someone else's layout in the gallery. I picked one by my sweet friend Jen, who is one of the most amazing scrapbookers EVER. These are pictures from when we took the boys to the circus for Grey's birthday last September. If you click it you'll be able to see it larger.

The *challenge* for this week was "Self-Love." I emphasize challenge because this is a topic that causes you to wrestle with vanity, modesty, and reality. I was supposed to do a page about why I am beautiful, unique, and special (I think that's how it went?)

This was the "Use Non-Traditional Scrapbook Supplies" challenge. My initial reaction to this one was panic because this is definitely not my thing, but I was amazed at how much fun I had getting outside my well-manicured little scrapbook box. This is probably my favorite page of the whole eight weeks. I have always liked that quote, but seeing these pictures of my grandmother and my mom really made it come alive. I loved the little mirrors I found at Michaels. I mod-podged tissue paper onto my cardstock to give it that texture. I like that you can see my eyeball in one of the mirrors on the bottom of the page *LOL*

The circle challenge! Looking back, there were several other things I could have done with this but I was a little pressed for time and still getting into the groove of the contest. I had this idea tucked away in my mind since Haydn was born, so I've been waiting six years to scrap it! I can remember my Aunt Joan teaching me this poem by A.A. Milne when I turned six. Joan was always the one who encouraged my love of reading and has given me a beautiful book for every birthday and holiday since I can remember. She carries on the tradition by sending them to my boys now. So when I made this page, I thought of her.

This wasn't for the contest, it was a RAK challenge, but I like how it turned out. These pictures crack me up. They are a pretty good representation of 90% of the photos I've ever taken of Jarrod.  The irony is that he's one of the most photogenic people I've ever seen... if you can catch him off-guard. 


  1. Yes-YOU DID IT Kira!!! and you did a GREAT JOB!!

  2. Yay, yay...SUPER..DUPER..YAY! =) You're the absolute best Kira and I mean it. Your sincerity comes across on all of your pages and they are oh so beautiful. There is so much "you" in your pages. I'm so glad that you made your way to K & P's and that I've gotten to know you through the MB over there. So very cool!

    Take care, hugs!


  3. Your work is so wonderful Kira!
    I'm glad that I'm getting to know you on the message board.
    Sue C.

  4. Scrolling through your archieves ;-) These are great - I think you have fun posting things like this. Just keep this blog fun for you friend!


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