Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Hello Summer!


So the longest winter in my remembrance is finally gone and all the trees in my yard are budding and flowering and looking happy. It’s 85 degrees today. My kids played outside barefoot. Greyson skinned his knee. Haydn first ran through the sprinkler and then rolled in the dust. Rowan got to sit in the grass for the very first time. He carefully brushed it with his fingertips and then gradually got bolder until he was ripping it up by the handful, squealing with delight. I kept a pacifier in his mouth because then at least I didn’t have to worry about him eating it.


Today I cut off four inches of my hair. When I came home Grey was just getting up from his nap and was standing there bleary eyed in his underwear. I gave him a hug and asked him if I looked different. “Yep,” he said. “What is different about me,” I asked. “Umm, I think your eyes. They are golden today.” I had on some sparkly eye shadow. So not the detail I wanted him to notice, but observant nonetheless.

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