Saturday, April 19, 2008

Some of my most recent pages

I have been participating in an eight-week scrapbooking contest online recently, and thought I would share some of my pages. I've been realizing that scrapbooking can be so much more than a hobby or a photo album. It is a visual journal, a time capsule, a creative outlet, and a way to write letters to my loved ones, past and present. 

This is my first attempt at hybrid scrapping, which is the marriage between traditional paper scrapbooking and the digital stuff. I painted the background myself and then scanned it into my computer. Then I added the photos and journaling in Photoshop.

Who says stay-at-home moms sit around eating bon-bons all day?


  1. I love this photo sissie!!! It totally captures the essence of what a stay at home mom feels like just about every second of the day- torn between taking care of the kids the house, the self, those we love outside in the world..... seeing this made me smile!

  2. I am so glad that you are blogging now too Kira! And I absolutely love the pages that you create and feel honored that you share them with us all. It's so fun to see your sweet family!

    I'll be back to visit soon!



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